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5 Expert Tips for Interview Success

Being successful in job interviews takes persistence, research, and practice. Getting a job is not just about your experience and qualifications, but how you present yourself. Your experience and qualifications will help you get the interview, but personality and culture fit matter just as much. The more effort you put into preparing for your interview, the more success you’ll see in receiving job offers, especially if you follow these five tips.

Expert Tips for Interview Success 

1. Dress Appropriately  

First impressions count. Make sure to arrive dressed in professional attire ready to impress. Give a firm handshake when you walk into the interview room and smile. A genuine smile makes a great first impression and shows you’re happy to be there. 

2. Show up 15 minutes before your appointment time 

Strive to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled interview to complete additional paperwork and allow yourself time to get settled in.  Don’t be on your cell phone while you wait.  Ensure you are paying attention to your surroundings so you are ready when the interviewer comes to get you. 

3. Arrive prepared 

Do your research. Try to have a clear schedule the day of your interview so you are not distracted by other situations. Review the company you are interviewing for and their culture. Review their website and social media.  Think back on your past experiences and why you are the best fit for the position.  

Research the interviewer, as well. Find them on Google or LinkedIn and learn about their background and see if you can find something in common with him/her. Become an expert on the position you are applying for. 

4. Use real-life examples that display key hiring traits 

Dive deep into examples from your background that really demonstrate how your experience will translate to the position at hand. It’s important to give real-life examples on the value you’ll add to their workplace. Try and think about the good feedback you have received or a time you went above and beyond in a role.  

The more you can quantify your achievements and back up what you’re saying with examples, the higher your chances are of getting the job.  

5. Have a conversation 

By doing research on the interviewers and finding commonalities, creating a conversation will be easier to do. Make sure you maintain good eye contact as well.  

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