High School Job Coaches
Job Coach in all 13 Allen County High Schools!
Job Coach in all 13 Allen County High Schools!
OMJ Backpack

While the job coaches are present in the classroom, they assist students on how to navigate and utilize the OhioMeansJobs.com website. They walk them through the registration process and direct them to their website backpack. The OMJ backpack is a useful tool on their account where they will be able to centralize all of their employment and training developments in one user profile.

The OMJ Backpack will help students to

  • Develop their career plan
  • Outline their work values and career goals
  • Take advantage of assessments and training
  • Save and compare potential schools and programs they are interested in
  • Conduct and save job searches
  • Keep track of all the jobs they have applied to
  • List resumes/cover letters
  • Plan for their future and gain experience in budgeting and financial literacy
  • Find and apply for scholarships that they are eligible for

The OMJ backpack acts as a hub account for students to actively plan and develop their future.

Resume Building

The high school job coaches help students create their first resume and upload it to the OMJ backpack. They also conduct workshops and one-on-one activities to educate students on soft skill-development and job readiness.

Job Search Assistance

The high school job coaches assist students in conducting effective job searches that provide them with knowledge on available and relevant jobs. In addition, they walk students through the usage of the job search bar and all of the filters they can use to find the ideal job for them. Students will learn about the different criteria and skills that employers want for the jobs they are interested in. They will also learn how to write and change their cover letter based off the job they are applying for.

Employer Information

The high school job coaches give students information on local employers and opportunities, and also review the different industries and positions that exist in Allen County.

They will direct students to the OhioMeansJobs – Allen County Companies Hiring Now web page to show them the current available positions in Allen County.

Career Exploration

The high school job coaches facilitate career exploration and development for high school students in Allen County. They will line up job shadowing opportunities with local employers where students will be able to get real work experience to see if that industry or career is the path for them.

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