How We’ll Impact Your Business

OhioMeansJobs – Allen County is concerned about your business, your employees, your bottom line, and your success. Whether you are seeking to fill one position or 50, hire entry-level positions or executive staff, our goal is to help you find the right employees easily and quickly by developing a personalized recruitment strategy to help you reduce both time and money spent during the hiring process.

To have a greater impact on placement, retention and wages, we focus on a demand-driven, employer-sensitive system. Our staff work with with local businesses, large and small, to identify open and active job placement and training opportunities. As workforce needs are identified and job orders produced, employers receive referrals of applicants from our database who have already been screened to ensure that those job skills seen as important by the employer are present.

To better assist you, call (419) 999-0332 to discuss how we can help your business at no cost, or share the latest programs that may be available to assist you in hiring while possibly providing federal dollars for training.

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"I would like to thank you and your team for all of your patience and support for the HCF Lima Market Hiring Event. I look forward to our continued growing relationship with your team. You are truly outstanding. And your facility is amazing!"

- Brenda, Northern Region Human Resource Manager, HCF Management
Partnering with OMJ Allen County for scheduled job events has proven very successful for Rudolph Foods Company. In a time where there is so much uncertainty, the job market is unlike anything we’ve seen, and the staffing team is running full speed, the assistance provided and leg-work taken on by the team at OMJ Allen County has really been pivotal for direct hiring initiatives. From start to finish, they took on the majority of the administrative work to get applicants through the door and in a seat for an interview. Their facilities are very clean, spacious, and accommodating. We will continue to partner with OMJ Allen County and look forward to working with them on other initiatives, as well.

- Morgan, Manager, Employee Relations & Compensation
We’ve had a very good experience working with OhioMeansJobs Allen County! Logoplaste is completely new to the region, and as a new employer, you’ve given us the opportunity to get in front of the community and build that connection. It was a very easy and smooth process to connect with you from the beginning, and the services have been very reliable. Since the new plant has been under construction, it was very helpful to us to be able to utilize your facilities for working space and interviews, and that alone has made the recruitment process so much easier. The work you’ve done posting our positions, advertising, and recruiting has been very effective. We’ve received a lot of interest from applicants, and have received many good candidates to contact about our opportunities. Thank you for everything you’ve done!

- Ana, Corporate Recruitment Manager
We’ve obviously had a meaningful partnership with OhioMeansJobs Allen County over the past several years. You are a strong, strategic partner for P&G here in Lima. OhioMeansJobs Allen County has contributed to the P&G Lima Plant in many different ways.

• P&G Job Posting Coordination – Supporting P&G Lima Career Postings by way of Social Media & Job Postings. Social media job postings for P&G’s open positions have reached and were shared by thousands within our community.

• Candidate Testing Preparation – Ensuring that P&G candidates had access to and experience with the P&G Practice Test.

• Mock Interview Planning – Preparing our candidates to complete the P&G Interview Process and making them familiar with the CAR Model.
P&G Testimonial continued...

• On The Job Training Program Enrollment – Meeting with our new hires in person and/or by phone to determine eligibility for On The Job Training Program. If eligible, these new hires are provided opportunities to ensure their basic needs are being met, allowing them to focus on their success with P&G during the early and critical stage of their career. This program also offers additional reimbursement benefits to P&G as well.

• OhioMeansJobs Allen County Facility Usage – Utilizing meeting rooms at the OhioMeansJobs Allen County facility for offsite meetings and larger gatherings have been more than helpful, especially during the pandemic where social distancing is critical. The rooms have up to date audio and video to present material as well as a large kitchenette area for lunches.

We highly value our relationship as OhioMeansJobs Allen County is a very strong business partner for us!

- Bob, Human Resource Director
OhioMeansJobs - Allen County has been an amazing resource for INEOS in our hiring process. Not only did OhioMeansJobs review resumes, but they scheduled, tested and scored all potential applicants. This saved us hours worth of work. It was done timely and accurately so that we could hire employees sooner than if we had completed the process ourselves. INEOS will definitely be using OhioMeansJobs for our future Chemical Operator hiring needs.

First, thanks for the support you provided for us. Your staff were very helpful and kept things organized.

--Marc Pescosolido, Training Director
Lima Area Electrical JATC
We recently worked with OhioMeansJobs for a hiring event. The entire process was so smooth. We were able to meet with 25+ individuals and extended offers to 16 the day of the hiring event. OhioMeansJobs assisted our team with the facility space and employee applicant paperwork to keep the flow going for the personalized interviews.

--Kasey Weihrach, Innocor Inc.,
We have been fortunate to have our local OhioMeansJobs Allen County team to support our hiring process since 2010. OMJ has helped us through two major hiring processes at the Ford Lima Engine Plant. Services have included advertising and screening references, referral distribution and collection.

- Ford Motor Company
FXI Hiring Event
Allen County RTA Hiring Event
2023 Spring Career Fair